Friday, August 8, 2008


When was the last time you saw a BOY in a leopard print car seat with hot pink trim? That's right, at CPK yesterday, Madeline was sitting in her car seat, wearing her pink and brown zip-up outfit, and the manager stopped,smiled, and said, "Aw, how cute! How old is he?". Seriously? He? I gave her a strange look and she looked confused and said, "Is it a boy or a girl?".  I didn't try to hide my irritation. I said, "Girl. SHE is 5 weeks old today." She made some excuse about not noticing the car seat at first, but come on lady! It's not like I'm trying to confuse anyone by having her in a brown car seat wearing yellow and green stripes(which is totally fine if you're into those colors. ) It's not like an episode of Pat on SNL where the clues are deeply hidden and it could really go either way. I mean, the pink is everywhere...there's no mystery here!  I know people make honest mistakes, but there are usually ways to tell. 

For the manager at CPK, and anyone else who has a hard time picking up on the gender clues of babies. here are a few pointers to help. 
You can be fairly certain it's a GIRL if...
-The color scheme portrayed bears any resemblance to that of cotton candy, original flavor bubble gum, Pepto Bismal, or the color you get when you mix red and white together. 
-Flowers are in abundance on the car seat or clothing of the mystery child.
-It looks like an animal such as a zebra, leopard, or tiger was killed to make the child,car seat, or mother look good.
-Fruits such as cherries or strawberries are present on car seat or clothing.
-Ribbons,lace, or bows are seen  in the hair of mystery baby

Or, continue to ignore the clues stated above, and just take a guess. You have a 50/50 chance of being right, and a 50/50 chance of being wrong and irritating a new mom like me. 


Becca said...

O.K. So I can see that the baby is a girl, but does she have any arms? The picture looks as if she may not...I am just saying.

(You do know that I would think that she was the cutest little girl EVER even if she didn't, right?)

Kristi said...

Oh Steph...the times that happened with my girls is too numerous to count. You're doesn't matter at all what they are wearing. I had Haley in all pink, in a pink shopping cart germ protecter thing that had flowers all over it, with a pink stuffed animal and a man asked me how old my son was?????? Are you kidding?

There have been some times when they are little old men/women and i feel too bad to tell them it is a girl, so I have said, " HE is 4 months..." etc.

Pot Liquor said...

Hi Steph. I feel your irritation through the computer screen. I recently had a similar experience at the doctor's office. The nurse, who happened to be reading my daughters charts, looked up from the folder in her hand and said, "Awwe, isn't he adorable!" with such conviction, that I had to look twice at my own child to be sure I had carried the right baby into the screening room. I find your list to be both comprehensive and extremely necessary.

Sarah said...

Ha Ha Ha! I have to say, Dionne just commented on my Facebook pic (of Penelope) that HE is cute!!

I just haven't corrected her yet. :)

(For the record, in Dionne's defense, Pen is wearing a green shirt in the pic. But it has flowers on it!!)