Wednesday, July 30, 2008


How do you guys have such cool looking blogs? I'd like to find a different background but don't know how. Any advice?


Diane Davis said...

If you go to my blog (or KT's, Jen's, etc), there is a bright orange bar you can click on. Then look at the blogger sites you like.

You click on the blog that you like and it gives you a really long code. Copy that. Then go back to your blog and click on "customize" (next to where you sign in) and then click on "edit html". Paste the new code in there and save it and you have a new layout!

Warning... it does take everything away on the right hand side of your blog (such as your blog links). But that's not a big deal to redo.

Love you!


Lisa P said...


You can also just use a template from blogger, but there's not a ton of variety. But you don't have to redo your links.

You find them under "customize" and "layout".

Jewels said...


If you go to my page you will see a tag on the left corner. Click on it and from there they will give you specific instructions on how to add a new background. The site is a bit slow but they have tons of options.