Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shaken Up

So, I was sitting at the computer this morning, reading blogs actually, when the shaking began. The dogs started barking and running in circles, a glass votive fell and broke, the building swayed, and I ran to get Madeline who was asleep in her cradle. I have felt many earthquakes living in CA for the past 13 years, but this was by far the strongest I have ever felt. It was actually hard to run to her because everything was moving so much. I don't remember consciously thinking to go get Madeline. But, the second that I realized what was happening, the only thing that mattered was getting to her. I grabbed her and ran outside, calling the dogs to come with me. (Jon later informed me that I should not go outside, but under a table if it happens again. Funny, because we actually practice earthquake drills at school, and the kids all get under their desks. But in that moment, it didn't even occur to me. Oops.) Once the 20 minutes of shaking had passed(ok, it was like 8 seconds, but it felt MUCH longer) the fear hit and I thought my legs were going to give out on me. I was afraid to go back inside. I just stood there holding Madeline,who had slept through the excitement, and told her everything was ok. Within minutes, my sweet husband came rushing through the door. Since he works on campus, he  was able to get there quickly. He hugged the two of us, and then I cried. I guess I was more shaken up(no pun intended)than I had even realized. 
For those of you who felt it, this may be more dramatic than your own experience, or it may not be. I am not sure what it would have been like if I was alone at home. But, having my precious three week old baby sleeping peacefully in the next room, and feeling like the building was about to collapse on top of us at any moment, was definitely traumatic! I am very thankful that it was not worse, and I won't complain if I never feel another earthquake. 
On a lighter note, I got my hair done today. I  love getting my hair done. Right now I am definitely in an awkward post-baby stage, body-wise. Still wearing maternity jeans and sporting a mushy gut and huge boobs. Sigh. But hey, if I can't lose 20 pounds quickly, at least I can be a great shade of blonde! :)


Lisa P said...

I love how your "voice" carries in these posts. I feel like I've had a chat with you.

Glad you were safe!

Sarah said...

Well, sweet Steph ... I did nearly the same thing as you during the earth "shake" (as my kids call it). I was nursing Pen and the other 3 were in the back yard playing. I ran out to them (thankfully Penelope was pretty much done), and dragged them to the middle of the yard, as far away from the house as I could. I was shaking! Still now, hours later, it freaks me out. I contend that this sort of event is far more traumatic emotionally when you have small children. (Both Zoe and Adelaide are presently sleeping in my bed ... I'm not quite sure what we'll do when Phil and I go to bed in a little while!!).
As for the post-baby body ... sigh. I'm with you. I think if one more stranger asks me how far along I am, I'm going to punch them. Grrrr. Just enjoy the boobs. The mid-section will continue to deflate. Lord willing. :)